Jane Gleason: Teachers leaving N.C.

August 31, 2013 

Teachers leaving N.C.

Michelle Hughes’ Aug. 24 Point of View, “Greeting the new year with Anxiety,” could be extended to say, “Greeting the new profession with anxiety.”

Recently I met with three of the best and brightest prospective teachers in our Masters in the Arts of Teaching program; three incredibly competent women who are “career changers.” These women have college degrees in other fields and made the conscious and informed decision to pursue their passion –teaching. The women are just beginning the capstone experience of their graduate program – their student teaching internship. Each of these women is knowledgeable, competent and full of excitement and enthusiasm about what is ahead of them – helping children learn.

However, I found the conversation with these teaching interns to be substantively different from that of years past. These women shared their fear of finding teaching positions that will allow them to be compensated on a master’s pay scale when they complete their internships in December. The interns spoke sadly of “having” to leave their home state to teach elsewhere in order to attain a salary that would reflect their higher level of training and preparation.

This situation makes me and all of my teacher-educator colleagues terribly sad for our state.

Jane Gleason


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