Jacqui Hawkins: Just fund public schools

August 31, 2013 

Just fund

public schools

In reference to the Aug. 25 news article “N.C. lawmakers study school choice in Colorado”: I don’t understand why we had to send legislative employees to Colorado to “research” the options available in the Douglas County school system at a cost to taxpayers.

This is the type of schooling that is offered in many counties already in N.C.

In Guilford County students have access to every option listed, plus opportunities to graduate high school with an associate’s degree.

I understand that smaller districts don’t have the resources to provide similar choices, but adding more schools to those districts would be an expensive proposition, especially with the cuts to educational funding and lack of students to fill them.

Why is it so important to the N.C. General Assembly to provide schooling “other than” public schools? If education for all children is a priority to the legislators, they need to actually fund it.

Jacqui Hawkins


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