Nancy Corson Carter: Hindering poor

August 31, 2013 

Hindering poor

After reading the Aug. 25 opinion piece “Desperate for dental work, an all-night wait” on the N.C. Dental Society’s Missions of Mercy two-day free clinic in Fayetteville, I was filled with both gratitude and dismay – gratitude, of course, for these dental Samaritans’ good deeds, but dismay at the havoc wreaked upon the poor and uninsured by recent N.C. General Assembly actions leading to sharply limited dental service.

Meanwhile, in Ned Barnett’s Aug. 25 column “ ‘Gov. Moonbeam’ lights the way,” Gov. Pat McCrory, the Condoner-in-Chief, crows that he’s an “outsider coming in and stepping on the toes of both the left and the right.” Let’s say it’s more like he’s an outsider coming in, with the ice-hearted General Assembly, to cut us off at the knees.

Nancy Corson Carter, Chapel Hill

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