Enter September

August 31, 2013 

September ushers in a busy month of changes. Baseball season is winding down, football has begun. The month includes the Labor Day holiday, a day that was set aside to recognize those who did the sweating and toiling in building a nation, a day to remind us that all we seek is found within the combination of nature’s gifts and mankind’s labors. Many will participate with flags and parades, speeches and bands. Others will celebrate the “end of summer” at beaches and resorts.

But September is much more: It’s a young mother escorting her children to await the yellow school bus, the shepherd that delivers the flock to feed in those endless pastures ripe in reading, writing and ’rithmatic.

September enters the playing fields carrying a bag full of sunshine and brings a welcome breath of drier, cooler air that sprinkles hints of early color amid the swamps and mountain valleys. Scolding squirrels busy themselves scampering along branches, stashing hickory nuts and pecans for their winter supplies.

Fish awaken to cooler waters, misty morning fog lying over swamp and river. Summer grows reluctant and deepens its embrace, not yet eager to leave. The cicadas’ song rises in pitch and volume as fall’s harbingers enter their finale.

The onset of our ninth month brings neither true summer nor autumn; it translates as a year moving toward longer nights, brighter stars.

September’s arrival includes a total of 30 days and nights filled with exciting change.

It brings oysters and shellfish in season, with tropical storms awakening in the South Atlantic. It means supplies assembled in hurricane shelters with storm shutters at the ready; escape routes checked.

September offers a bit of refreshing excitement to a year being rousted from its summer doze.

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