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September 1, 2013 

There are a lot of decisions that factor into where we choose to retire. For many, it comes down to family. But there are other factors worth considering as well. When Forbes makes its annual list, it looks at living and housing costs, taxes, weather, air quality, doctor availability and crime rates as well as the ability of have what it calls an active lifestyle.

Its most recent list of the top 25 included three North Carolina cities:

Asheville: The city’s positives were its agreeable climate, below average cost of living, plenty of doctors, high level of volunteerism and how pretty it is. Its negative was a below average air quality.

Charlotte: Its pros included a reasonable cost of living and good weather. The con was crime.

Winston-Salem: Low cost of living and moderate climate again won out, but it was also cited for its college amenities and the high number of doctors per capita. The con? Crime.

Other cities that made the list included:

• Ames, Iowa

• Baton Rouge, La.

• Lexington, Ky.

• Prescott, Ariz.

• San Antonio, Texas

See the whole list at

What Milken says

A study by the Milken Institute last year came up with a list it called the best cities for aging. It too looked at the quality of health care, but through in educational and employment opportunities, transportation and an economy that work for seniors.

The nonprofit, based in Santa Monica, Calif., looked at the 100 most populous cities and found that those best for seniors were those that kept them working, learning and healthy. Toppings it list was Provo, Utah. Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord came in at 60 and Raleigh-Cary at 79.

In looking at 259 smaller cities, Sioux Falls, S.D., won out. The Durham-Chapel Hill area was No. 9; Winston-Salem was No. 71 and Wilmington was No. 179. Further down the list was Fayetteville at 219, Burlington at 233, Rocky Mount at 237, Goldsboro at 239 and Jacksonville at 246.

See the report:

Want to work?

If you want to work in retirement, Forbes reports those best places as well. No North Carolina cities made that top 25 list. See the whole list here:

Among those included:

• Austin, Texas

• Athens, Ga.

• Corvallis, Ore.

• Huntsville, Ala.

• Knoxville, Tenn.

• State College, Penn.

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