Carolyn Leith: Concealed means concealed safely

September 1, 2013 

Concealed means concealed

The change a gun can make in a life when it is fired is serious business. Innocent lives can be lost even if it is “a mistake” that the gun was fired.

The fact that a woman carries a loaded gun in her purse, the gun goes off and her right hand was injured is perhaps the best-case scenario. What if the muzzle was pointed at her child or others? Death. Murder. Profound injury. Condolences will not change bloody facts.

That the Staples customer escaped being charged for failing to store her gun so a minor could not access it only highlights the need for tougher rules for carrying a concealed gun. Unless the purse was belted to her (like a holster would be) it is not “akin to having it on her body.” Guns need to be locked up (like in a briefcase or maybe even a locked compartment in a purse) or worn to prevent accidental firing of shots. Law needs to make safety of everyone a priority.

Before a gun is fired, there needs to be room for reflection about the implication of firing. Having a gun less accessible will allow that.

Carolyn Leith

Chapel Hill

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