Rachel A. Anderson: Not father’s GOP

September 2, 2013 

Not father’s GOP

What has happened to my father’s Republican Party? When I was a child, my father would talk to me about our founding fathers and their wishes to form a government that serves not controls the people. Freedom is paramount. “Republicans believe in small hands-off government,” he would say.

I believe that a vast number of our state legislatures who call themselves Republicans are not true Republicans. They seem to take the stance, “If you do not believe what I believe, then I’ll create laws to limit your rights.” As an unaffiliated voter, I demand that the governor and Republican-led legislature honor my personal freedoms. Stay out of my place of worship. I want to marry who I want to marry. Stay out of my child’s classroom. Curriculum should be set by education experts not politicians. Stay out of my science lab. Environmental reform should be designed by scientist not politicians. Stay out of my voting booth. Voter restrictions only hinder my constitutional right and greatest privilege. Stay out of my doctor’s office. Decisions made by me, with the advice of my doctors, should be personal, unmonitored and unscripted.

North Carolina Republicans, get back to your roots.

Rachel A. Anderson

Chapel Hill

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