Owners skip work to hit beach, golf course and take a hike

vbridges@newsobserver.comSeptember 2, 2013 

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners if they ever played hooky from work, and how they justified it. This is what they said.

•  “I woke up with a beach craving and knew it was an empty town so the gallery wouldn’t be busy,” said Pamela Gutlon, owner of Outsiders Art and Collectables in Durham. “I threw the dogs into the neighbor’s house, got in the car, drove two hours, and voila, beach.”

•  “Every once in a while, playing hooky can be a healthy thing. Being a graphic designer is a very collaborative process with clients, so there has been a time or two where clients didn’t stay on schedule and provide the content I needed in order to advance designs to the next round. When this happens on a beautiful day, I might be tempted to take the dog out for a hike or take the bike out for a three-county ride,” said Dave Wofford, sole proprietor of Horse & Buggy Press, a graphic design, letterpress printing and fine press publishing studio in downtown Durham. “I don’t do it that often. There is always something to do to be productive at the studio, but it’s a nice treat to counterbalance the hours spent on outside ‘normal’ work hours on rush projects.”

•  “Recently I took a Friday off to play golf with two old friends who I had not seen in 25 years when we all worked together in the same Marriott Hotel,” said Daniel A. Prendergast, owner of The Entrepreneur’s Source in Mebane, which works with people interested in exploring franchise business opportunities. “I justified it by reaching my pre-set sales/business development/networking goals in four days, just worked a little harder each day.”

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