John Sauls: Senior politicos not wasting time

September 3, 2013 

Not wasting time

I like reading N&O op-ed pieces by local academics. However, I was baffled by law professor Eric Muller’s bizarre and pointless Aug. 27 Point of View, “Exactly wrong on resignations.” Sen. Ellie Kinnard is right to resign now exactly for the reasons she said and for the reasons the professor mentioned.

It’s a useless waste of precious time to be a Democratic legislator when radical Republicans have an overwhelming majority in the assembly. As for the senator’s successor, he/she will be fortunate to be appointed if you think he/she will relish being the most powerless person in the legislature for one session. The retirement/appointment procedure is dictated by law and has often been used. Yes, it’s all about 2014, which is why he/she will concentrate on that election.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an outstanding justice doing some of her best work now. The professor is premature in calling for her resignation now.

Would the professor comment on some of the contemporary legislative and legal issues that actually affect the lives of our citizens?

John Sauls


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