Meredith White: A bad impression

September 3, 2013 

A bad impression

Recently I spent my vacation visiting with my friends at Love Wins Ministries in your beautiful city. I enjoyed the best the city has to offer with meals at The Pit, Beasley’s, Mecca, the State Farmer’s Market, Finch’s and many other great restaurants and bars.

On a Saturday, I had hoped to enjoy a biscuit and some coffee with my new friends in Moore Square. You can imagine my disappointment when, as close to 100 people gathered to receive a simple morning meal, the police informed us that we would not be able to distribute the food and threatened us with arrest if we tried.

I hope that the city council and Mayor Nancy McFarlane will work quickly to address the needs of the hungry people of Raleigh and find a way to care for Raleigh’s most vulnerable citizens.

Don’t let my lasting impression of Raleigh be the sour taste of “hobo-phobia.”

Meredith White

Cleveland, Ohio

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