John F. Bridgers: Law is a sham

September 3, 2013 

Law is a sham

International law is a hot topic because of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Nations seem to agree that international law bans the use of chemical weapons by any government for any reason.

When the U.S. used Agent Orange and other toxic chemicals in Vietnam, the U.N. declared it a violation of international law but took no action. When Iraq used chemical weapons (mostly mustard gas) extensively against both Iran and its own people (Kurds) during the Iran-Iraq War, the U.N. declared it a violation of international law, but the world (U.S. included) looked the other way and took no action.

Now the U.S. is taking on the role of enforcer of international law and looking for allies to join the force. Most countries are not willing to join this alliance.

The U.N. has never acted to punish countries that use chemical weapons. International law without an international force capable of punishing violators is a sham. I don’t think the American people favor our government taking on the role of world policeman, and our track record of military actions in the Middle East is nothing to brag about.

John F. Bridgers


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