James H. Davis: Be strong on Syria

September 4, 2013 

Strong on Syria

The murderous, totalitarian regime in Syria has undertaken a massacre of its own people without respect for human rights or human life. Bashar al-Assad must be ousted, and the United States must play a role in facilitating this.

So far, the Obama administration has failed to lead by defining an endgame. Simultaneously, we must ensure that the government of Syria does not end up in the hands of radicals, terrorists or Islamists. We now also have to respond to the gassing of innocents in Syria. International norms and U.S. credibility are at stake.

What we do needs to be substantive and support the ultimate endgame of producing a more legitimate and civilized government. Light missile strikes are not forceful enough. We must impact the situation once and for all to produce a successful outcome – regime change and an improved government. Simply “sending a message” is too weak.

The professionals in the executive branch must choose the best path to achieve these goals. The fact that they have not is a dereliction of their national security duty.

I urge the Congress to vote in support of a resolution to authorize force against Syria to produce these objectives.

James H. Davis


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