Bob Harper: A history lesson

September 4, 2013 

A history lesson

In Jim Jenkins’ Aug. 29 column, “Did the GOP cut history class?” he states that the GOP must have cut history class. Actually it looks like Jenkins cut all history classes.

He implies that FDR took this nation out of the Great Depression. Not so. Roosevelt set up a whole alphabet of federal agencies to dictate to private business how they could operate and calling for more government control. The results were stagnation and prolonging of the depression. After two terms (eight years), unemployment stood at 14.6 percent in 1940. Only after the nation began to mobilize for World War II did we start to pull out of the Great Depression.

In a dictatorial move Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court so the Constitution could be altered so more of his socialistic ideas could become law; this failed.

Apparently Jenkins is also anti-business and thinks most businessmen have big yachts. Jenkins works for a business, is it so bad? As far as Social Security is concerned it was set up as a pyramid scheme when the average lifespan was 63 years old. Those who are retiring right now will not even get back in monthly Social Security checks what they paid in.

Bob Harper


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