Andrew Sleeth: Party system not working

September 5, 2013 

People not parties

U.S. Rep. David Price, who met recently with N&O staff, was paraphrased in the Aug. 26 “Under the Dome” as saying that a possible gubernatorial bid by Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper in 2016 was “giving the party a chance to take control of the state House.” Well, I sincerely hope that was a misrepresentation because I know many unaffiliated voters, like myself, who deeply resent the suggestion that a political party ought to have control of any branch of the people’s government in the first place.

Ours is a representative republic and not a parliamentary system like the one that once held the colonies in its greedy clutches and that we successfully expelled in bloody combat nearly 230 years ago. And now, if anything, it is the Republican and Democratic parties from whom we should be wresting control and expelling from our governing institutions. The parties are not the people, and they most assuredly do not represent me.

Andrew Sleeth


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