Wayne R. Muller: Hairston got off easy

September 6, 2013 

The Hairston Rule

Regarding the Sept. 4 news article “Hairston pleads guilty to reduced charge”: As usual, another local high-profile, college-sports figure walks away from justice unscathed. Honestly, does this surprise anyone in the state of North Carolina?

On July 28, P.J. Hairston was cited for traveling 93 mph in a 65-mph zone. That is 28 mph over the posted speed limit. Of course, once it made it into the courtroom, he was able to plead guilty to 75 mph in a 65-mph zone.

I hope everyone uses the Hairston Rule when cited for going 28 miles over the posted speed limit. In the event judges do not begin accepting all pleas to 93 in a 65, there should be a cry of public outrage.

Not only do taxpayers pay for Hairston’s college education, but he gets to walk away from a very serious charge. Unbelievable!

Wayne R. Muller, Selma

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