Terry Kelly: Apex loses ‘rural’ appeal

September 6, 2013 

Not exactly ‘rural’

Regarding the Aug. 25 news story, “Apex OKs rezoning for pricey project in rural area”: Not!

When we bought out in the “rural” environment, there was nothing but a farm behind us, plenty of unspoiled acreage a good distance from any city or town life. We thought we were out in the middle of nowhere, and that was the way we wanted it.

Now we have high-class subdivisions behind both sides of our “rural” subdivision and a new school going up in the front of the subdivision and constant noise from construction vehicles.

If the town boards think this is keeping Apex rural, they should look up the meaning of “rural.” Apex, like all other towns in the area, has forgotten that there are people who enjoy not being anywhere near civilization. But town boards must enjoy allowing the building of homes where residents are able to stick their hands out of kitchen windows to ask neighbors for a cup of sugar or can cut their lawns during halftime of a basketball game.

And us “rural” folks have to look at that. Rural Apex? Not!

Terry Kelly, Apex

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