Morgan Goettge: Unbalanced school resources

September 7, 2013 

Unbalanced schools

The Aug. 26 news article “For Wake, new year brings major upgrades” discussed school changes, such as how new school-purchased tablets will aid the students of East Cary Middle School. Another news article, “Packed and ready,” on Aug. 25 told a completely different side of this story. Students are struggling to buy the basic materials for school and are often called upon to supply materials for teachers in the classroom.

The first article should have noted the other side of the educational issues in Wake County. While there are children in Cary and Apex benefitting from this surplus money, children in other parts of the county don’t have enough supplies, including textbooks for every child, which ultimately results in lower test scores.

The disadvantaged youth of Wake County are competing for college entrance against those across the county who are given many more resources. While education is improving in some areas, it needs a lot of help in others.

Morgan Goettge


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