Marcia Hardenbrook: Words hit home

September 7, 2013 

Words hit home

Accolades to Dori Barefoot for her amazing Sept. 3 Point of View piece “A teacher’s work is never done.” As a teacher of 24 years, I can tell you that she perfectly encapsulates the overwhelming and often ludicrous standards and guidelines to which teachers must daily adhere.

I feel like driving to Moore Square with the largest bullhorn I can find and shouting her words.

Teachers struggle to make ends meet, morale is low and every year we are asked to do more and more.

What the legislature passed regarding the education budget and teacher salaries is a travesty. North Carolina residents need to not mistakenly believe that if they don’t have a child in the public education system that these decisions do not affect them. This budget is a poor reflection of North Carolina’s values and vision.

Yet because we love what we do and believe that we make a difference, each and every Wake County teacher arrived enthusiastically on the first day of school. We greeted every student and parent and made every student feel welcome. And now Gov. Pat McCrory wants to reward a whopping 1 percent of us with a stipend? Talk about adding insult to injury!

Marcia Hardenbrook


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