Pat Kowite: ‘A good bishop’

September 10, 2013 

‘A good bishop’

Regarding the Sept. 4 letter “Hearing Gossman”: Unless the writer has personally polled “most practicing and faithful Catholics,” he cannot speak for their beliefs.

I am a practicing, faithful Catholic in spite of the church’s stance on women. Our church has made errors in the past. Slowly, it has made changes to correct its errors and, yes, sins. I am waiting for a change in its views on women. I stay because most Catholic teachings are good and holy. I know many women – good, holy Catholics – who feel likewise.

Bishop Gossman was “our beloved” bishop. I agree. I loved his support of justice and peace, his yearly presence at the Social Justice Way of the Cross in downtown Raleigh, his care of migrants and his promoting worker rights in the Mount Olive Pickle strike. I loved his work for ecumenism and his careful steering of rapid growth of Catholicism in our area. He was a good bishop. It was his role to stand for the teachings of the church regardless of what those were.

I miss Yonat Shimron’s columns on faith communities and loved her writing about Bishop Gossman. Perhaps he would have, too.

Pat Kowite


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