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Stylin’: Raleigh Denim returns to New York Fashion Week

CorrespondentSeptember 11, 2013 

With several New York Fashion Week presentations under their belts and a thriving store in the city, showing a new collection in the Big Apple could feel like old hat to Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko of Raleigh (formerly Raleigh Denim). But even with that experience, the two still got the usual jitters before their spring 2014 presentation last week.

“It’s much easier to do the third time around, but we’re still anxious about the color scheme, layout, lighting and so on,” says Victor. “Many of the logistics become easier each season, but some aspects of putting on a show are different every time and are hard to prepare for. It’s like planning a small wedding a couple of times each year.”

The wedding comparison is especially apt with romantic florals showing up throughout the collection.

“This spring we picked cherry blossoms and submerged them in vinegar for a couple days, essentially pickling them,” he explains. “The petals transform and become translucent, leaving them more fragile and delicate than they are fresh off the tree. We photographed the pickled blossoms and created prints from the photographs, which we used on silk organza burlap, silk twill, and cotton jersey T-shirts.”

On the menswear side, the duo introduced chinos to their collection.

“We focused a great deal on material, using unconventional fabrics with lots of character, so, like the denim, they change over time and become better with wear,” says Victor.

With the presentation behind them, the pair will move on to market to meet with buyers and then start design work on their fall 2014 collection. But before that madness begins, Victor says they do take a moment to enjoy another successful Fashion Week.

“Afterwards we celebrate and relax together, remember the highlights, and then look ahead to next season.”

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