Brian Bock: Foushee’s wrong foot

September 12, 2013 

Wrong foot

As an elected official in Chatham County, I was disappointed in Rep. Valerie Foushee’s first statements after she was chosen as our new senator (“Foushee to fill seat in Senate,” Sept. 9 news story). Her statement did not express a desire to improve education, bring more jobs to N.C. or even to expand access to voting.

According to your story, her first thought after thanking party members and voters was, “The first thing the party needs to do is take back the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.” Rather than say how she would represent us in Raleigh, she first thought of gaining more power for her party.

In Chatham we’ve come to expect our senator to rise above politics and work with officials of the district. For many years, we were represented by Sen. Bob Atwater, who never let politics get in the way of an effective working relationship. I sense with our newly selected senator those days may be gone, and Chatham no longer has the representation we deserve.

If Foushee is this openly antagonistic toward the local officials, I question how effective she can be in Raleigh, where she will be working with a majority of Republican senators.

Brian Bock

Chatham County Board of Commissioners

Chapel Hill

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