Morton Lurie: No free lunches

September 12, 2013 

No free lunches

One hardly knows what to expect next in the reign of Obama. The N&O reported in the Sept. 7 news story “U.S. program allows free school meals” that the Department of Agriculture is now providing two free meals a day to schoolchildren in 10 states and the District of Columbia, regardless of need. They will be available throughout the nation in 2014-15.

If early adopter Boston’s statistics are typical, 60 percent of those getting the free meals can afford them. The current funding for the program is $4.5 billion. That means $2.7 billion of our tax money will be given to parents who can afford to feed their kids. And of course that doesn’t count those who are getting free meals fraudulently, since The N&O previously reported the free school meal program forbids effective audits.

Even more miraculous: This program is touted to save money! No need to handle cafeteria cash. Perhaps McDonald’s will discover this magic and give out free meals to save the expense of cashiers.

We live in a time of wonders from Washington. No worry. It’s only billions when our national debt problem is in trillions.

Morton Lurie


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