Hobbies: Make a pillow with your child

Scripps-Howard News ServiceSeptember 13, 2013 

You always knew your kids were works of art. Now you can prove it by making pillow figures based on the shapes of their bodies. Just follow these simple steps.

You will need:

• Fabric of your choice

• Nontoxic finger paint

• Sewing machine

• Thread

• Pillow batting

Step by step:

1 Choose a fabric that’s a few inches longer than your child is tall. Have your child lie on the fabric on his back, and trace his outline.

2 Place his palms and the soles of his feet in nontoxic finger paint.

3 Gently press his handprints and footprints onto the portion of the outline where hands and feet go on the body.

4 After imprinting his hands and feet, your child can finger-paint a face and other decorations – if he’s old enough or wants to.

5 Leaving a half-inch seam allowance, cut around the outline. Using the first cutout as a pattern, cut another piece of fabric to match.

6 Place front sides together and sew around the edge. Don’t sew it completely shut; leave about an 8-inch opening.

7 Turn it inside out so that the front sides are now front-facing.

8 Stuff your pillow with polyester batting, and hand-stitch the remaining opening.

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