Dennis Welch: Ellmers part of plot to discredit ACA

September 13, 2013 

Ellmers part of bad plot

Regarding the Sept. 8 business article “Lawmakers target health law ‘navigators’ ”: It’s ironic and contemptible that Rep. Renee Ellmers and GOP congressmen have dumped on navigators of the Affordable Healthcare Act the requirement to report “voluminous data” on how, among other information already provided, the training for enrollment to obtain insurance will protect enrollees’ privacy.

This requirement is being imposed just when the navigators are working to obtain training to advise citizens about their choices in insurance exchanges where GOP governors and/or legislatures, as in North Carolina, have refused to establish state exchanges of their own.

Of course, the point of Ellmers’ and her party’s oversight “concerns” about the navigators is, as she admits, to “delay, if not end” the Affordable Care Act and let millions of Americans go without health insurance.

Dennis Welch


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