Ten questions with DT Dwan Edwards

September 14, 2013 

NFL reporter Joseph Person asks Panthers defensive tackle Dwan Edwards 10 questions about life away from football:

Q. What’s it going to be like facing your former team in Buffalo?

A. I’m pretty familiar with a lot of guys over there. I’m going back home. I still live there and I want to go back and have a good game.

Q. How close do you live to the stadium?

A. I’m about five minutes away. I’m real close. It’ll be a little weird not to be able to stay at the house. But I’m glad to be going back there and seeing my family.

Q. Do you like the lifestyle up there?

A. I signed a four-year deal up there. I assumed I was going to be there a little longer than two years. We had a house in Baltimore and sold it. Really liked upstate New York. People are nice, my kids love their school. My kids snowboard in the wintertime. I’m from Montana originally, so the winters don’t bother me too much. Just a great place for me and my family.

Q. Was it weird living there this offseason? I’m guessing you didn’t go near the Bills facilities.

A. No. I did run their stadium a couple times. But no, I didn’t go in there to work out. That probably would’ve been frowned upon. It was a little different being there this offseason.

Q. Did you feel like you got a little bit of a raw deal with the Bills?

A. It’s all part of the business. I’m not surprised by anything. They made a business decision and I came here and had the best year of my career. So it’s a better situation for me.

Q. Best place for Buffalo wings in Buffalo — Anchor Bar or Duff’s?

A. I like Duff’s. Duff’s is closer to my house, so I went there all the time. Buffalo Chop House and Tempo are great restaurants out there, as well. I would definitely like to make a trip out there.

Q. Are there a lot of former Bills in Buffalo? Jim Kelly?

A. Yeah, he’s around.

Q. It seems like a Green Bay-type community.

A. Definitely, a smaller community but they definitely love their Bills.

Q. You said your kids are into winter sports. Are you?

A. I try to stay off those until I’m done playing football. But I can’t wait to get on a snowboard with my kids.

Q. Did you do a lot of that growing up in Montana?

A. Oh, yeah. I skied. Didn’t quite get into snowboarding yet, but definitely skied a lot growing up.

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