Linda Fisher: Keeping us down

September 14, 2013 

Keeping us down

Vivian Connell, in her excellent Sept. 6 Point of View piece “Of morality and merit,” said what we spend our money on reflects our values and that withholding raises and payment for advanced education for teachers is stunningly shortsighted for the future of our state.

Perhaps our General Assembly, especially those on the right, is not really interested in the poor, minorities, teachers, students or even an educated populous. Maybe they’re actually afraid that these segments of our society will become highly educated, causing them to lose their jobs and their power. Notice how nervous Gov. Pat McCrory is to spend so lavishly on aides who’ll help him keep his job. Perhaps now is the time to crush the middle and lower classes before they learn enough to get elected and turn the trajectory of our state upward again. Observe how their counterparts in the U.S. Congress have treated our first highly educated black president since he took office.

North Carolina legislators don’t seem interested in the future of our state – only in the future of them. Since education truly is the great leveler, the most important thing now is to keep it from those who have good reason to change things.

Linda Fisher


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