Vicki Scroggins-Johnson: Morrisville needs farmer’s market

September 15, 2013 

Yes to market

Western Wake Farmer’s Market is looking for a permanent home. On Sept. 10, Jim Pellegrini, president of the WWFM, asked the Morrisville Town Council for permanent space and shared highlights of the successful market. The council vote was only 4-3 in favor of continuing the discussion about a farmer’s market in Morrisville.

I’m disappointed that some Town Council members did not show more interest in exploring this public-private partnership. A farmer’s market is a wonderful asset to any community because it supports local agriculture and local businesses and brings fresh food to residents.

Western Wake Farmer’s Market is an established successful market going on its fifth year. Many Morrisville residents visit WWFM’s current location on Morrisville-Carpenter Road every Saturday. Moving the WWFM permanently to Morrisville would help kick-start the Morrisville Town Center.

I have attended numerous town meetings at which there was always “talk” of looking for public-private partnerships to get the Town Center moving forward beyond the Jeremiah Street project.

Does Morrisville need a Farmer’s Market? Yes. So, here’s an opportunity to help small businesses and the Town Center project. Let’s not just “talk” about it. Let’s make it happen.

Vicki Scroggins-Johnson, Morrisville

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