Joan Dickinson Walker: More Fifes than Eastwoods

September 15, 2013 

Fearing the Fifes

I recognize that there are many responsible gun owners out there. Growing up, I had uncles who hunted. I now have neighbors who hunt. I respect their right to do so and to own the firearms they use, as they are responsible gun owners.

Still, the anecdotes of irresponsible gun owners in Barry Saunders’ Aug. 26 column “Packing heat’s a bad bet” are not that surprising. Many gun owners see themselves as Clint Eastwood characters, ready to step in to combat the “bad guys.” My fear is that a lot of them are Barney Fifes. And they do not have Andy to insist they keep their bullets in their shirt pockets. Reason enough for me to feel less safe in public than I used to.

Joan Dickinson Walker, Durham

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