Facebook, Twitter effective for delivering small-business messages

jmgiglio@newsobserver.comSeptember 16, 2013 

Using social media is a good way for small-business owners to deliver information about their company to customers. Shop Talk Editor Jessaca Giglio reached out to area owners to find out which method of social media is most effective for them.

•  “We find Facebook most effective as it offers many means for advertising, messaging, pictures, attaching links, etc.,” said Tom Bonavita, owner and operator of Donatos Pizza in Raleigh “… We seem to have had the most success with reaching the largest crowd through Facebook with ‘liking’ and ‘sharing.’ ”

•  “Twitter, because ‘followers’ can follow us and see our location, and for a mobile food business, that’s key,” said Alpha Esser, co-owner of Dang Good Dogs, a hot dog cart that operates in and around Durham.

•  “The amount of activity on Facebook is unparalleled,” said Blair Johnson, social media manager at Tir Na nOg Irish Pub in downtown Raleigh. “It … allows us to really interact with our fans and customers, and then gives us the analytical tools to track the effectiveness of those interactions.”

•  “I like using Facebook for the store because I post food pictures as it relates to the products we sell,” said Whitney Brown, owner of the Olive Wagon, a gourmet food store that focuses on extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. “The pictures create an immediate response, and they illustrate how to use a particular product that potentially inspires the customer to try something new. It is also a great tool for introducing new products to our followers.”

•  “HootSuite is the most useful in that it ties multiple social media platforms together, as well as allows us to schedule certain posts ahead of time. But Twitter would have to be the specific winner,” said Becky Hacker, co-owner of Pie Pushers, a pizza food truck that operates around the Triangle. “It is quick, easy and keeps me from being too wordy and detailed, and allows us to share various forms of media: links, documents, and pictures – as well as connect easily with our fans, our community and other local food trucks.”

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