Jeffrey Emanuel: Fewer voters, please

September 16, 2013 

Fewer voters, please

On Sept. 15 I read, with great amusement, the letter “Make voting mandatory.” The folks will feel more “included,” the writer said, and the politicians more “informed.” Marvelous! And the Tooth Fairy will bring us all a silver dollar!

The vast majority of the electorate couldn’t spell “Obama” if they were spotted the “O” and the “a,” couldn’t name a single justice of the Supreme Court at gunpoint and wouldn’t recognize the names of our founders if you hit them on the head with a copy of The Federalist Papers.

Jay Leno has been demonstrating this for years, for laughs, when the act should actually invoke tears. The electorate does, however, know who won “American Idol,” what the Kardashians are up to and how to scream “I protest,” “Give me” and “I deserve.”

We need far, far fewer people to vote and should encourage them to stay at home and eat more Ring Dings on Election Day.

Jeffrey Emanuel


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