Mary Bartley: Give teachers support

September 17, 2013 

Support teachers

In June, I retired from 34 years of teaching elementary-aged children, the last 15 years in Wake County public schools. My intent is not to debate all of the same issues regarding the state of public schools, most specifically the teachers who work in them.

Most people I have talked with have the utmost respect for teachers. However, there is a disconnect between what the general public thinks about teachers and what ludicrous laws and legislation our politicians are passing. I have heard community members say that teachers need to let our governor and legislators know exactly what we think about recent legislation. When would that happen?

Teachers hit the ground running from the time they get to school in the morning until the last meeting is over in the late afternoon or early evening. They go home (or maybe to a second job), do what needs to be done for themselves and their family and prepare for the next school day.

I would like to thank the writer of the Sept. 8 letter “Tighter taxpayers” for saying that she is “ready to tighten my belt a little bit and support schools.” This is what teachers need: residents who are willing to support our public schools in every way possible.

Mary Bartley


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