Sherrill G. Stevens: Plan of ‘excellence’

September 18, 2013 

Plan of ‘excellence’

“Fair share of taxes” is the wrong objective. “Job creators need lower taxes” is a flawed political mantra. What our fair state needs is a widespread commitment to excellence. That would require significant investment of money as well as involvement in wise planning. Our goals should be the best schools, the best “common well-being,” the best work environment, the strongest middle class, the most dynamic business environment and the cleanest natural environment.

There is no question that the poorest half of our people need such an uplift as these goals would bring. But nobody needs this more than the top 10 percent. The wealthy need to become aware that their status will not be sustained in the long run by austere economics, lack of adequate investment in education and training, neglected infrastructure and a deprived and depressed populace.

In their own interest, the wealthy should be insisting on major investments in the pursuit of excellence, not widespread retrenchment. The politicians will listen and act if their voices are strong enough. Let’s make excellence our forthright pursuit.

Sherrill G. Stevens


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