Terry Barlow: Krauthammer’s opinion matters

September 19, 2013 

Needed position

In response to the Sept. 13 letter urging you to “Stifle Krauthammer”: I answer most emphatically not, unless you want to homogenize your paper’s editorial pages and their readership.

A columnist like Charles Krauthammer helps us find our bearings like north or south on a compass. What must be “stifled,” if anything, is the cry to homogenize opinion in a diverse and pluralistic society. I deeply appreciate your including Krauthammer and others who remind us it’s still a heterogeneous press in some sense, even if only by token.

Thank you for not “stifling” a voice drifting in maybe from right field, a position every team needs, a truth that Charles K. as a Washington Nats fan would appreciate.

Terry Barlow, Cary

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