Amalendu Chatterjee: Time for review

September 19, 2013 

Time for review

I read Dr. Assad Meymandi’s Sept. 17 Point of View piece “What makes America exceptional” with great interest. It is the view of all immigrants coming from dictatorial regimes where the constitution is dictated by king or military ruler’s directive.

While we cherish the sanctity and supremacy of the rule of law as our Founding Fathers established, we also must think how to go beyond it.

Our fourth president, James Madison, agreed before his presidency to have a clause in the Constitution giving the population the right to form a militia and to bear arms – the origin of the Second Amendment. Earlier, our third president, Thomas Jefferson, was perhaps more visionary when he stated, “Every Constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.”

As Americans we are at a juncture to reconcile our forefathers’ contradictory vision regarding our Constitution, especially the Second Amendment rights. Founding Fathers cannot be blamed for modern-day atrocities. One of them was wise to suggest a provision acknowledging that the passage of time may require certain changes.

Amalendu Chatterjee, Morrisville

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