Russell Catania: Give thanks to wealthy

September 20, 2013 

Thank the wealthy

Your editorial cartoon Sept 12 again seemed to vilify the “1 percenters.” Lately everyone seems to be against them.

Most of those “1 percenters” worked hard to become successful and wealthy businessmen and women. Isn’t it enough that they already pay 37 percent of all federal taxes? It’s easy to say, “Sure, raise taxes on them, as long as it doesn’t affect me.” What people don’t realize is that it will affect all of us. They are the ones responsible for creating many jobs, and if more money is taken away from them in an attempt to balance the federal budget, they will cut back in other areas, like salaries, raises, benefits and hiring.

Most people also fail to realize the charitable side of those “1 percenters.” They are the ones who donate billions to our parks, colleges and universities, hospitals, disease research, museums, arts and so much more. They are the ones whose generosity you hear of every day.

Yes, there are a few greedy and unscrupulous rich people, but every group has some bad apples. Instead of vilifying the wealthy, we should be thankful for them.

Russell Catania


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