Roxanne Coleman: Employee's treatment of son a travesty

September 20, 2013 

A shocking comment

My husband and I have three sons. Our youngest, who is 18, has autism. Recently, we went in the Lowe’s store in Whiteville looking for a nut to go on a pair of hole diggers. We were walking toward the proper aisle when an older gentleman, a part-time employee, asked whether he could help us. My husband showed him what we needed.

My husband and I were standing on opposite sides of our son. He stimulates a lot with his hands. The gentleman looked at the nut and then at us and asked, “Is he a nut?” pointing at our son.

We were shocked that another human being would say something like this about our disabled child. My heart brokebecause no one had ever been so cruel to such a special child. He shows love to everyone and prays for everyone he meets. I cried for three days not understanding why someone would say such hurtful words.

My husband contacted the store, and the manager checked into it. The employee admitted saying what he said with no remorse and continues to work there. We have contacted the regional and corporate office and been given nothing but the runaround.

Help us help our son and children like him. Let corporations know that my child is not dirt and will not be swept under a rug and forgotten about. We will not stand for this type of treatment of people with special needs.

Roxanne Coleman, Cerro Gordo

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