Allison Backhouse: Unstable school board

September 20, 2013 

Unstable school board

Here is a recap of the past two years from the Wake County school board:

• An immediate end to choice in assignment.

• An uncaring and unapologetic reneging on the promise of stability and long-term predictability.

• The political firing of a passionate and committed superintendent. (Where is the new guy, by the way?)

• A hyper focus on the needs of certain schools (magnets) to the detriment of others (Knightdale).

• Arrogance, lies, name-calling and physical altercations.

And now, based on the board’s last meeting, we can add more year-round conversions and more reassignments to that list.

Are we really going to give this board $810 million?

Allison Backhouse


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