10 questions with Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert

From staff reportsSeptember 21, 2013 


Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert had a 1985 Cutlass Supreme as his first car. It has looked up from there.

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10 questions with Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert about life away from football:

Q. How many cars do you have and what kind are they?

A. I have five cars. A ’71 Chevelle convertible. A 1970 coupe hardtop Chevelle. A 2012 Escalade. What else I got? A 2013 Charger and a 2012 Maserati.

Q. What was the first car you ever had?

A. A 1985 Cutlass Supreme.

Q. How did it run?

A. (Not well.) But it was mine. I paid a good 800 bucks for it.

Q. Did you pay for it yourself?

A. I paid for it. I worked hard. My momma took me to get it at 15 years old. I had it sitting in the driveway until I turned 16.

Q. Where did you work to get the money to buy it?

A. I worked with my mom. She worked as a district manager at Krystal. So I worked for Krystal until the time I went to college.

Q. Did you ever go back during the summers in college to work there?

A. Oh yeah. When I went to college and during the summers I came home and I worked with her a little bit. But for the most part I stayed at school doing summer school.

Q. Where else did you work growing up?

A. For a parking service outside of Six Flags wing up in Georgia. I worked at this place in Myrtle Beach called Sports Fanatic. That was pretty much it.

Q. Since you worked at a sports apparel store, did you have a favorite jersey?

A. I didn’t really do jerseys. I was a hat guy. I had a lot of hats. But I had a throwback Dominque Wilkins jersey when I was in high school. The white with the red stitching and the Hawk that was sideways.

Q. How many pairs of Air Jordans do you have and how long have you been collecting them?

A. 70 or 80. Ever since I came into the league, so six years.

Q. Did you own a lot before you came into the league?

A. Yeah but they were harder to come by because I was in college and high school I had to work for them. Now I’m working for them but I’m able to get more.

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