Jim Hewitt: Gun-free zones assaulted

September 21, 2013 

Gun-free zones assaulted

Your Sept. 17 editorial “Carnage in D.C.” stating that there was no “shortage of guns” at Fort Hood and the Washington Navy Yard is factually incorrect and typical of liberal viewpoints fostering an anti-gun agenda.

Fort Hood was a gun-free zone, and the gunman was the only one armed inside the building at the Navy Yard. It was also incorrectly reported by several news organizations that the gunman used an AR-15 assault weapon. Again, not true, he used a shotgun, the type of defense weapon recommended by our esteemed vice president, Joe Biden.

When you start looking at the real problem in these mass shootings, mental health, only then will progress be made. Unfortunately, privacy laws and political correctness prevent us from being able to do anything to stop lunatics from accessing firearms.

Jim Hewitt


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