Janice Jennings: First line of help

September 21, 2013 

First line of help

Every time a tragedy occurs involving an armed mentally unstable person, I am immersed in despair. How has humanity degraded to this? What can be done to stop these calamities?

Mental illness, specifically schizophrenia, is a terrible condition that can be masked at best but can never cured. Those of us who do not suffer from severe mental illness bear the responsibility to help those who do suffer from this intolerable disease. It requires extreme patience and courage.

We must educate ourselves on mental health issues and better understand those who struggle with this illness. We must find appropriate help when we suspect that our friends and family are starting to exhibit signs of mental instability. We must demand better mental health services from our state and federal representatives. And we must support those people who are caretakers for the mentally ill.

Please become more aware of mental illness and support causes that provide care and services for people who suffer. If we don’t try to be the first line of help for these unstable people, there will continue to be more tragedies and lives unnecessary lost.

Janice Jennings


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