Fernando Martinez: Guys with guns

September 21, 2013 

Guys with guns

My condolences go to the families of the recent victims of gun violence at the Navy Yard in Washington and to many other families of those killed by guns who have not been reported by the media in recent days.

I don’t pretend to be neutral in this issue, as I am a survivor of gun violence. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened last year, the CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said: “Nothing stops a bad guy with a gun, other than a good guy with a gun.” In this case, they argued that there were not people with guns to stop Adam Lanza. But in the most recent case in D.C., the shooter was surrounded by guns, and he still managed to kill at least 12 people – so what would it take?

What would it take for us to demand strict gun control and background checks?

Fernando Martinez


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