Cheryl Mensch: Cop deserved charges

September 21, 2013 

Charges deserved

I have re-read the Sept. 17 news story “Charlotte officer shot unarmed man 10 times” about the tragic shooting in Charlotte of young Jonathan Ferrell.

It’s possible that in the darkness and confusion the police officers on the scene felt threatened, but Officer Randall Kerrick virtually unloaded his weapon into the body of that young man. Now this officer, his family and Ferrell’s family will live with lifelong sadness and regret caused by Kerrick’s extreme use of deadly and unnecessary force.

Police officers undergo rigorous training in order to keep the public safe, to protect themselves and to preserve life, whenever possible. But when an officer has behaved as recklessly as this and caused the death of an innocent person, then the police department should bring charges as it did and undergo a thorough self-examination that will help build a stronger and trustworthy police presence in the community.

Cheryl Mensch

Southern Pines

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