Heather Richardson: The gun numbers

September 21, 2013 

The gun numbers

The writer of the Sept. 16 letter “Fearing the Fifes” compared concealed handgun permit owners to a combination of Clint Eastwood and Barney Fife – trigger-happy and incompetent – and stated that this caused her to feel “less safe” in public.

Recently, police in New York City shot at an unarmed man in Times Square and hit two innocent bystanders instead. Closer to home, a Charlotte police officer was arrested and charged after shooting an unarmed man 10 times.

Since there are more than 20 times as many concealed handgun permit holders as uniformed police officers in North Carolina, one would expect to read about an even larger number of similarly irresponsible shootings being committed by civilians licensed to carry concealed handguns. Yet these incidents are almost nonexistent, despite almost 20 years of concealed carry in North Carolina.

The simple truth is that someone is far more likely to be accidentally or negligently shot by a police officer than by a concealed handgun permit holder.

Heather Richardson

Chapel Hill

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