Haley Carson: NCAA not liable for concussions

September 22, 2013 

NCAA not liable

Regarding the Sept. 5 sports article “Former N.C. State player, others sue NCAA”: It is alarming that athletes are seeking damages due to injuries sustained years ago.

The athletes who played during 2007-2011 were fully aware of the dangers associated with concussions as there was information on head injuries available at that time.

In 1994 the NCAA adopted guidelines outlining return-to-play protocols (post-concussion) and sideline grading tools to determine the extent of a concussion.

As a collegiate athlete who has suffered multiple concussions and was aware of that possibility, I can vouch for NCAA and its strict concussion protocols. These entities shouldn’t be held liable for these injuries because they were the result of a choice to play a sport where physical contact is unavoidable.

Concussions and their long-term effects should be taken seriously, but it is the players’ responsibility to report concerns in a timely manner. It is unrealistic and unfair for players to seek damages for an injury from long ago.

Players should begin using their heads to make better decisions regarding their health rather than simply using their heads to make excuses.

Haley Carson


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