Venus arrives

September 22, 2013 

Following close behind September’s full moon, there comes the autumnal equinox. It marks that mystical moment when the annual tilting of the earth places our equator at the halfway point, called perfection. Our days are now briefly centered between the fading summer light and the short gloomy days that will mark the chilling arrival of winter.

Off the coast, darkened skies merge with the black of midnight seas in an uneasy truce, the flickering internal fire of lightning glows restless from within distant storms that thunder, free and unrestrained over the Gulf Stream. Reflections of stars shimmer in hypnotic glamour. Beyond the beaches of moonlit sands, where the breaking waves slide in a hiss of sand and shell, the brilliant silver form of Venus appears, riding low in the purple and violet sky, just above the treetops.

With the equinox, Venus arrives in unmatched brilliance, a pearl gleaming in the western heavens, her brilliant reflection atop mirroring wave tops. No star or planet can compare with the beauty of this celestial gem, named for the daughter of Jupiter, who was assigned the mythic role of representing love and beauty. Any soul who watches as she sails her scallop shell across the unlimited skies sees a brilliant beam of heavenly light rising from the darkness to offer a guiding beacon to those who dream.

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