Gregg Dixon: Exceptional rants

September 23, 2013 

Exceptional rants

I believe the writer of the Sept. 20 letter “Exceptional shame” missed the point concerning “What makes America exceptional.” He should realize that part of the greatness of this country lies in the fact that he is allowed to criticize the government and all of its actions.

He seems to think there is a problem with the Fort Hood murderer (Nidal Hasan) being allowed to represent himself. He states that as a result, “Vengeance won the day.” He is mistaken, though, by the difference between vengeance and justice.

If he were to live in nearly any other country, vengeance would almost certainly win the day as he would be silenced by the government for speaking against it. His being allowed as a matter of constitutional right to continue his inane rants against his chosen country of residence proves that this is truly an exceptional nation.

Gregg Dixon


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