Howard Maniloff: DHHS a slush fund

September 23, 2013 

Slush fund

Regarding the Sept. 18 news article “McCrory donor hired at $95,000”: Will this knavery ever end? It seems that almost every day we learn about more bundles of public money going to supporters of Gov. Pat McCrory.

First it was two young political operatives for McCrory getting jobs in the Department of Health and Human Services and each paid nearly $90,000 annually. More recently, a vice president in DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos’ husband’s firm was awarded a personal services contract that has paid him more than $228,000 for eight months of work.

Newly elected American politicians have, of course, long abused public treasuries to reward political pals. McCrory, however, seems particularly brazen in viewing the DHHS budget – enacted into law to help North Carolina’s neediest, children, the elderly, the poor – as a slush fund to help him pursue his petty political goals.

Howard Maniloff


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