Enloe coach Mike Massey believes Eagles are just one play away

CorrespondentSeptember 23, 2013 

In the waning minutes of the season-opening game against Jordan, Enloe coach Mike Massey called a corner route pass to Roy Garris in an attempt to tie the score. In the eyes of Massey, Garris executed the play perfectly. He caught the ball in the end zone.

But, in the eyes of the official, Garris landed out of bounds. No touchdown. Time ran out and so did Enloe’s chance of getting its first win of the season.

“We did good. We did what we were supposed to do. … He made the right choice to try and get the ball into his best athletes hands. That’s all you can ask for,” junior running back Jamal Frazier said.

The close loss continues to give the Eagles a confidence boost in the midst of what is a four-game losing streak, including Friday’s 61-19 loss to Garner.

According to Massey and his players, morale is high within the program because they believe they are always one block or hard hit from changing the tide.

“I think our kids understand that we’re just always one, or two, plays away from making it work,” Massey said. “Offensively we just have the focus on the technical aspects of offensive football, helping them understand and making them understand that by watching film.”

Junior left tackle Yiyang He said the issue lies in finding players with a desire to compete on the offensive side of the ball while having a group that is enthusiastic about defensive.

“We need to find 11 guys who want to block and run the ball as hard as they can,” He said.

He said the offensive unit is working on its struggles on the practice field by putting in extra reps, both at full speed and in walkthroughs.

“We spent more time on offense during practice. We’ve been working on our blocking technique and rotating our starting our guys,” He said.

Enloe will play its conference opener Friday against Millbrook (3-1).

As Enloe stares down the tall task of getting its win, He echoed Massey’s mantra.

“Coach says every game do something that you’ve never done before. Go out there and have fun. Play hard, play for yourself and play for your teammates,” He said.

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