Rich Moore: GOP has a lot to lose

September 23, 2013 

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A lot to lose

Here we are at Obamacare “eve” and the Republicans, with their “Obama-Scare” rhetoric, have morphed into the Chicken Little Party. A rational person might ask: If the concept of universal health care is so bad, why are we one of the last countries in the industrialized world to adopt such a program and why have no other countries repealed their programs?

If it is Obamacare that is the problem, then why haven’t the Republicans offered an alternative to what, 20 years ago, was essentially their health care plan? If they believe Obamacare will be a disaster, why try to kill it before it starts and risk being characterized as petulant obstructionists? Why not simply voice their objections, sit back and watch it implode, and then claim their “I-told-you-so” political benefits?

Maybe the real danger for Republicans is that Obamacare will be successful and popular, and the political “sky” will end up falling on them.

Rich Moore


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