Kristine Hughes: Shutdown would hamper vets, disabled

September 24, 2013 

Harming vets

I am a disabled veteran who receives disability and SSI disability. If this government shutdown happens, I will not be able to pay my rent, utilities, medical bills, food and other bills. This will possibly cause me to lose my assisted housing help as well if this shutdown is long. I have been through shutdowns before, and they are very nerve-racking to me.

I wish that both parties would get together and work out a deal to keep the government from shutting down and stop playing with thousands and thousands of veterans and other disabled folks who rely on this money. I have been going to school courtesy of the VA, but now that I am near graduation finding work in my field is extremely hard (I cannot work in just any field due to my disability).

I am tired of my government playing games with my survival. I am doing my best with what I have, and I need help from the government. Let’s throw away the boxing gloves and, for the sake of all American people, hammer out a deal or budget.

Kristine Hughes


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